Fathers & Daughters Make Great Family Wine

“So, what do you get when you combine spectacular terroir, generational winemaking knowledge, and a desire to make terrific wines? Fathers + Daughters Cellars, of course! So, the story goes like this: Kurt Schoeneman, the owner of Anderson Valley’s Ferrington Vineyard, had a daughter, Sarah. Sarah married Guy Pacurar, and together, with their daughters Ella and Taylor, they created Fathers + Daughters Cellars. Fast forward to modern times and the ninth vintage of F+D Ferrington Vineyards Pinot Noir (among others). I recently had the opportunity to sample three of the winery’s top wines: the 2022 Anderson Valley/Ferrington Chardonnay, the 202 Pinot Noir, and the unique 2022 Sarah’s Rustic Bubbles Anderson Valley/Ferrington Sparkling Chardonnay.”

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