It all started with Ella. The birth of our daughter, Ella, in 2012 inspired us to create a label celebrating the special bond that exists between fathers and daughters. We’re fortunate that the other father in our family, our patriarch, Kurt Schoeneman, owns a prized place to grow grapes—Ferrington Vineyard—and has allowed us to source the majority of our fruit from this storied Anderson Valley vineyard.

We invite you to try our wines and join us
as we continue on this adventure.

“We’re not out to be the biggest, or even, well, big. The joy of this experiment is about constantly creating wines that surprise.”

–Guy Pacurar

“My father taught me what’s possible when you let the natural elements lead the way in growing grapes. We carry that tradition on.”


Father’s + Daughters + Phil

Since the beginning of Fathers + Daughters Cellars, we have enjoyed a close relationship with artisan Anderson Valley winemaker, Phil Baxter. Phil is a second generation winemaker following in the footsteps of his father. With hands-on learning in California winemaking as well as time spent honing his craft in Burgandy, France, Phil brings a unique touch to the creation of Fathers+Daughters wines. Tasting his wines is the best way to get to know him but click through to learn more as well!


If you are a fan of bold and flavorful wines, then Fathers and Daughters’ Ella’s Reserve Pinot Noir 2019 is definitely worth a try. Its complex flavor profile and excellent pairing options make it a standout choice for any wine enthusiast.
The tasting room at Fathers & Daughters Cellars is also outside, but there is a massive twist. With a name that exudes warmth and heritage, one may envision an oaky room adorned with family artifacts and the unmistakable aroma of aging barrels.
A captivating tasting experience with rich, deep spice notes and flavors that add warmth and complexity to the palate. The spice elements contribute to a depth of flavor, creating a memorable and indulgent profile.