WineJourno calls The Dance a “Fine Summer Sipper”

I’m not a white wine gal, but it was 106 degrees so the wine had to be cold, which precluded anything red. This beautiful bottle from Fathers and Daughters Cellars beckoned and I’m so glad it did, because it’s a white I can wholeheartedly recommend.

From the first sip, notes of apricot and even a slight bit of banana—but not to much so as to make it tropical—refreshed on a summer evening. Then it opened up and I was brought back to my childhood—specifically, a huge 70’s brandy-snifter full of rose potpourri that my mother had on her dresser. The heady scent of dried roses becomes a welcome flavor in this wine, and combined with the aforementioned apricot, this light but complex field blend refreshes but doesn’t dominate the moment.

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